We are looking for an autonomous commercial agent

ID: 33182

We are looking for a commercial agent in the children's games, furniture, healthy bio and/or calisthenics sector


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Well-known company in the children's games, furniture, healthy bio and calisthenics sector. Silmar is a company introduced in the public sector based in Mataró (Barcelona), active in the market since 2004. We have delegations in several provinces of the Spanish territory. The company is well established in the market and needs to cover several areas of Catalonia and Spain.

What are we looking for: an autonomous commercial agent
Experience and client portfolio will be valued in: Municipalities (mayors, councils, municipal technical departments and municipal brigades), schools, kindergartens, campsites, hotels, camp houses, sports environments. Maximum availability (flexible hours), compatible with other products 

Product Ranges and Products

Fashions, Sports, Accessories:  Athletic shoes, Baby clothing, children's clothing, Sport fashions, Sporting goods: Cycling, Sporting goods: Fitness, Sporting goods: Leisure time, Sporting goods: Outdoor, Textile products: Fabric (on bolts), Textile products: Raw materials

Foodstuffs, Wines, Liquors:  Delicatessen and fine foods, Ingredients, raw materials, Natural foods, organic foods, health food store products, Non-Food

Home and Living:  Baby, childrens', and/or youth furniture, Furniture, Gifts, gift articles, Home textiles, domestics, Living room furniture, bedroom furniture

Medical Products, Health Care:  Cosmetics: ingredients, raw materials, Health food shop articles

Miscellaneous:  Other specialties

Paper, Packaging, Office:  Office furniture, office furnishings, office technologies

Customers and Target Groups

Consumer market, End-consumer, Institutions of higher learning, schools, daycares, nurseries, Municipalities, local authorities, public services, Other, Retail trade (with outlets or branches), Retail trade (without outlets or branches), Specialised retail trade, Wholesale

Sales Region

Mataró, Barcelona